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VRninety ROI Calculator

Find out your cost savings with VRninety.

The True Cost of Vital Records Collection

Do you know how much vital records collection is truly costing you?

The current system is outdated, leading to more errors, missing information, and too much time spent following up with patients.

VRninety can shorten vital records collection by up to 20 minutes per birth, leading to hours of time saved in a year. Reducing hospital staff’s current labor hours by 90% can cut your costs by thousands of dollars every year.

Use our ROI Calculator to find out how much vital records collection is costing you. Then we will follow up with how much an investment in our VRninety digital birth worksheet system can save you annually.


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Records Collection with VRninety

VRninety streamlines the vital records collection process leading to quick submission times and reduced labor costs.

1. Hospital sends patient a link to the birth worksheet.

2. Some data fields pre-populated from EHR.

3. Patient completes the forms on phone or computer.

4. Submits to hospital.

5. Hospital verifies information.

6. Hospital submits data to the state’s vital records system via API or RPA’s.

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